Individual Health Insurance is health coverage that you can purchase from an insurance company for yourself and/or family members. If you are not eligible for Medicare or prefer to purchase individual coverage for you or your family, SBS offers plans from several insurance companies that should meet your needs. Individual Health Insurance companies offer several types of plans that may differ based on geographical area. Your rates will depend on several factors including age, smoking status, size of family to be covered, and the amount of your deductible. Generally, the higher the deductible you select, the lower your monthly payment. In the state of Washington, most people who want to enroll in an Individual Health Insurance plan are required to complete and pass a Standard Health Questionnaire. This is a series of medical related questions used to determine your eligibility. Keep in mind that health care laws are constantly changing due to the Health Care Reform, so if you are curious whether you will need to complete the questionnaire, contact SBS and we'll explain the exceptions.


A supplemental vision care plan offers discounts on brand-name eye wear, contacts and even eye exams. Many will also provide discount pricing on laser vision correction.


SBS offers a few basic types of dental plans, each of which can help you pay for routine care and dental work. Dental insurance is a relatively affordable for plan for individuals and families, and generally pays for regular check-ups, Please contact our office for the most up to date information on available plans and costs.

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