Our employer retiree health coverage program is a free service you can offer to your Medicare eligible employees to help them navigate the transition from group coverage into senior health insurance plans.


As a local agency focused on Medicare we are able to provide Medicare eligible employees choices when it comes to their Senior Health Plan coverage. We also offer assistance with the prescription drug coverage and generally help individuals navigate the sometimes confusing array of Medicare options.

Partner with Senior Benefits Solutions and you can provide our company as a free resource to your Medicare eligible employees. In doing so, you'll be providing your employees with expert counsel and honest assistance as they transition from their group insurance into a supplemental senior health insurance plan.

Senior Benefits Solutions provides personal service for every retiree as we help each individual navigate the myriad options for retiree health benefits.

How your Medicare eligible employees will benefit:


Expert Counsel

We explain what basic Medicare covers & the best ways to supplement it.

Free Quotes/Guidance

We provide free plan comparisons and quote illustrations.

Administrative Resource

We act as a free resource to your employees, you can save your company administrative costs.


Knowledgeable Support

We act as the Medicare beneficiary’s advocate and help navigate applying for Part B of Medicare.

Complimentary Reviews

We provide annual reviews of the beneficiary’s plan and make sure they stay well informed and satisfied year after year.

Comprehensive Approach

We take doctor & hospital preference, prescription medications, price range and flexibility into consideration when helping the employee choose their Senior Health Insurance.